Exam equivelence

The Olevel and A'level exams are equivelent to the following examinations:

1. junior and senior school graduation exams in the Americas

2. Marticulation examinations in South Africa and othe parts of Africa.

3. Tenth (O'level) and twelfth (A'level) in some parts of Asia.

4. Form four and upper six examinations in some parts of Africa.

The grading system is as follows:

It consists of a grading system, grade A being highest and F beieng lowest
Each grade has a range of marks, as given below:
grade                             equivelent percentage

A                                   90  and above
B                                   80-90
C                                   75-89
D                                   70-74

E                                   60-69

Grade F- fail, U-ungraded

No exact percentages are given.